Consideration of SB 201, SB 939, SB 1334, SB 1335, SB 1336 and SB 1339

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
10 a.m.
Room 461

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SB201 (Rafferty) – Provides for access to community pharmacy services

SB201 Summary

SB939 (Pippy) – Addresses competitive disparity among vision benefit plans

SB939 Summary

Amendment A06268 – Removes sections on hampering competition and minimum purchase requirements

Amendment A06268 Summary

SB1334 (D. White) – Amends Ownership of Property section of the Banking Code to expand the ability of PA state-chartered banks to hold fixed assets

SB1334 Summary

SB1335 (McIlhinney) – Amends Names Permitted to be Used section of the Banking Code to provide more flexibility in the use of bank names

SB1335 Summary

SB1336 (D. White) – Gives authority to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to review rate increase filings for the small group health insurance market

SB1336 Summary

Amendment A06361

Amendment A06361 Summary

SB1339 (D. White) – Amends the Pennsylvania Responsibility Act to raise the liability damage minimums in motor vehicle accidents

SB1339 Summary