Consideration of SB 1591, HB 2368, HB 2369, HB 2370, HB 2159 and HB 2485

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
9:30 a.m.
461 Main Capitol

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SB 1591 (Folmer):  Amends the MCARE Act to repeal certain Insurance Department reporting requirements.

SB 1591 Summary

HB 2368 (Payne):  Amends the Banking Code of 1965, providing for revisions to the power and duties of state-chartered banks, savings banks, and trust companies.

HB 2368 Summary

Amendment A13098 reverts bill back to language in the current law, as it relates to service on bank boards

Amendment A13098 Summary

HB 2369 (Truitt):  Amends the Department of Banking Code of 1933, providing for greater public disclosure and enforcement by the Department of Banking and clarifying the Department’s examination authority over bank subsidiaries.

HB 2369 Summary

HB 2370 (Metzgar):  Amends the Loan Interest & Protection Law of 1974, relating to variable rate mortgage loan disclosures.

HB 2370 Summary

HB 2159 (Grell):  Amends the PA Commercial Code to update provisions related to secured transactions.

HB 2159 Summary

HB 2485 (Grell):  Amends PA Commercial Code to clarify that remittance transfers are subject to Article 4A of the Code.

HB 2485 Summary