Meeting to consider Senate Bills 471, 590, 629, 751 and House Bill 1039

Senate Banking and Insurance Committee

Committee Meeting

Tuesday, June 13th at 10:00 AM
Room 461 Main Capitol Building 


SB 471 (Blake) – Provides an expedited foreclosure process for vacant or abandoned properties

  • A01873 (Street) – Changes the requisite number of criteria to be met to certify a property as vacant and abandoned from 2 to 3. Summary

SB 590 (Stefano) – Increases the service charge for bad checks 

SB 629 (Reschenthaler) – Updates the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act

SB 751 (White) – Provides for regulation and licensure of mortgage servicers

HB 1039 (Brown) – Authorizes and regulates savings promotion raffles